Gaudreau Fountain Insurance Agency, Inc.

Life Insurance

If you have people who depend on you and your income, you need some form of life insurance. Life insurance can provide replacement income for your dependents and can pay for your funeral and expenses related to your death. Some type of policies can also be a source of savings, creating a cash value that can be borrowed or withdrawn on the owner’s request.

Life insurance is a cornerstone to financial planning. There are many different types of life insurance and it can be a confusing topic. The type of policy that would be best for you can be determined by how much coverage you need and what your financial goals are. We can help you to clarify your needs and goals and determine the coverage that is best for your unique situation.

Term Insurance

  • Level term
  • Decreasing term

Permanent or Whole Life Insurance

  • Traditional whole life
  • Universal life
  • Variable universal life

In addition, we can provide a full range of other financial planning products to meet your goals and needs.