Gaudreau Fountain Insurance Agency, Inc.

Business Owners Package

A Business Owners Package or BOP provides a singel package of coverage that covers basic requirements for a small to mid-sized business. For some businesses, it can be more cost effective to purchase a single BOP package that to purchase each coverage separately.

Typically, a BOP policy would include:

  • Property - covers your business building and the contents of the building
  • Business interruption coverage - covers lost revenue and expenses such as payroll your revenue loss and your continuing expenses like rent and payroll
  • Liability covers accidents or injury to other people on your property, or damage to another person's property
  • BOP generally also would cover vehicles you rent or borrow, and theft or embezzlement by employees.

BOP generally does not cover:

  • Floods and earthquakes
  • Owned vehicles
  • Group health or disability insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • Errors and omissions
  • Directors and Officers liability

In addition to BOP coverage, we offer a full array of business coverage, including employee benefits. Talk with us about your business - we can recommend the right combination of coverage for your particular needs.